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Al Ridenour (AKA “Rev Al) has written on culture for snooty and moronic periodicals, is the author of Offbeat Food: Adventures in an Omnivorous World, contributor to Underground Guide to Los Angeles, Third Edition, and most importantly, the coloring book, Crayons for Jesus!. He formerly ran the Los Angles Cacophony Society, now runs The Art of Bleeding, an ambulance-based performance troupe dedicated to providing alarming theatrical programs in safety. He is not afraid of ghosts, but he wishes he were.
1920's, 60s french pop, accidental art, adventure travel, ambulances, amputees, anatomical models, animation, antique medicine, appalachian music, art brut, art of bleeding, audio collage, auto accidents, bdsm, blixa bargeld, bluegrass, botanicas, brothers grimm, brothers quay, cabaret, cacophony society, carter family, charles fort, chihuahuas, children's records, circus arts, clowns, conspiracies, crackpots, cramps, crispin hellion glover, cryptids, cult film, cults, culture jamming, current 93, damien hirst, death masks, decay, delta blues, diamanda galas, dime museums, dirty three, dresden dolls, dusan makavejev, ed kienholz, egypt, einsturtzende neubauten, enoch light, experimental film, experimental music, fairy tales, fetish, flannery o'connor, flea markets, folklore, freaks, freemasonry, german culture, german expressionism, gnosticism, gogol bordello, golden dawn, guerilla theater, guy maddin, gypsies, handsome family, hans bellmer, herman hesse, hermann nitsch, history of the occult, hollow earth, homemade music, india, injuries, ivor cutler, jan svankmajer, joe coleman, joe meek, joel peter witkin, joel-peter witkin, johnny cash, jungian psychology, juxtapoz, kabbala, kenneth anger, kids of widney high, kitsch, klaus nomi, leonard cohen, mannequins, mark ryden, marzipan, mashups, masons, max fleischer, medical curiosities, medical fetish, miranda july, monkeys, mortuary science, mummies, mythology, nazism, negativeland, nick cave, nina hagen, otto muhl, outsider art, padre pio, performance art, peter greenaway, pranks, prop fabrication, puppets, pyrotechnics, quacks, quintron, romanticism, saints, santa con, santeria, scott walker, seances, serge gainsbourg, sideshows, silent films, situationists, song poems, spiritualism, stigmata, stop motion, surrealism, taxidermy, the centimeters, the fugs, the pogues, theosophy, thrift stores, tiger lillies, turkey, vashti bunyan, victoriana, voodoo, werner herzog, wilhelm reich, william blake, william s. burroughs